About Us

Corporate Overview

AMS established in 2012, and specialized in the field Cardiothoracic and Cardiovascular disposables and equipment.

We provide a comprehensive set of solutions to the Egyptian healthcare Market.

Our diverse and highly skilled workforce consists of 30 employees.

Our sales force team is comprised of highly educated, trained and experienced health care professionals.

Our clientele base includes MOH Institutions and university hospitals, military hospitals, private hospitals and centers.

We are specifically focused, independent, dedicated and committed to the highest standards of professionalism.

Our Value Proposition

  • AMS enjoys an outstanding relation with public, private & military hospitals.
  • A thorough understanding of highly complex and dynamic healthcare systems in the region.
  • Extensive network of Cardiology and Cardiothoracic surgeons.
  • Ability to leverage unparalleled experience in the Egyptian market to fulfill customers’ needs
  • Complying with the Regulator requirements.
  • Complying with the Customers’ requirements.
  • Hands-on and dedicated Partner commitment on each and every client engagement.
  • Clear objective to acquire a sound market share in the Egyptian market.


Enhancing knowledge, discovering and sharing new ways to do things


Commitment to working together to achieve our goals.


Our mission is to be a unique resource for medical disposables and equipment and its related services starting with the Egyptian market going forward to the MENA Region.

Our team of experienced, highly qualified professionals is available to provide consultancy.

Our team is totally focused and determined to provide our customers with a quality products and services.

Our commitment to is the main success key to reach ultimate customer satisfaction.


Our vision is to be recognized as the best and most trusted partner to provide medical disposables and equipment in Egypt and MENA Region potential countries, differentiated by our high quality sales and technical capabilities, and the highest standards of professionalism in the field.

Based on using our distinctive delivery competences to exploit and stabilize our market share and maximize shareholder value